14 helmikuuta 2011

summer fever

apua eksyin vahingossa koneella ruisrock-10 kansioon ja nyt haluun kesän nii kovasti että oikeen kipeää tekee!!!!!!!!!!!

no onneks oon viikon päästä barcelonan auringossa hehe

sommar hälsiningar! -karin

Oh no, I found last years summer photos from my computer and now I just can't get festivals and summersun out of  my mind!

Although, I'm heading to Barcelona next week, so that helps a little.. 

miksen ollu olemassa 1969 ????????

8 kommenttia:

  1. ihania kesäkuviaaa (= ah kesä vois juu tulla jo...

  2. i want to tell you, that i love your photos. i'm sorry, i can't say "i love your whole blog", 'cause i've got a problem with the language. i'm from germany, and all i understand is english, german und a little little bit french.
    so i'm looking at your photos and think by myself, what you mean.

    kisses from germany. ♥

  3. J- kiitos :)
    jutta- kiitti! ja todellaki vois!!! :D
    Lu. - thanks dear! we try to translate our posts from finnish to english as good as possible, but we'll work on that more :)

  4. apua ei tällasii ihanii kesäkuvii ku hirvee kesä/festarikuume :-(


  5. Hey :)
    I really love (!) your Blog and so I decided to tagg you for the action "Liebster Blog" (best blogs) and I really hope that you will enjoy this action :)

    xo, Ina

    Here is the link to the action:

    (You won't understand what there is said about this action... so I will explain you: You must search from 3 to 5 Blogs with not many readers an which you like. Then you must copy the "Liebster Blog" button and the text in a blogpost on your blog and write the link of those 3-5 Blogs. And you should write the link the person who tagged you (me, in this case :P) )
    I hope you've understood what you have to do in this action :)

  6. thank you very, very much =)))
    i'm happy, that i understand your posts now.
    and many people here in german read your blog, so they haven't to translate with the "google translater" anymore.
    i love it to read your new post, an everytime i feel bored, i read the older ones again.

    i want summer. sun and festivals, like your photos there. summer is such a feeling... like neverending freedom.

    kisses from germany, and i hope you enjoy your trip?!

  7. emmi : haha oon kauhee mä tiiän :D !mut kohta se kesä jo tulee.... :D

    Ina: we'll do the post as soon as possible! thank you very much for taking us with this :)

    Lu. : oh, you're the best! :) we'll keep on translating! I want the summer too!